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Retirement Solution Group (RSG) is based on an idea. This idea is the conclusion from a set of perceived truths:
    1. Truth – With the current and future challenges to Social Security and other government entitlement programs, the role of employer sponsored retirement plans will be significantly more important in achieving financial/retirement independence for owners, management and/or participants than was previously true.
    2. Truth – The challenging investment market environment, which has truly been in place since 2000, has created fear and concern on the part of many participants and even some employers.
    3. Truth - While some oversight is good, the government as of late has created additional regulatory and compliance challenges, coupled with a stated increased enforcement, causing many employers to feel frustrated and fearful of their fiduciary liability surrounding the Plan.
    4. Truth – Employers in the small-to-mid size plan market tend to establish a plan and often forget about it. The large plan market, on the other hand, has a department that runs, analyzes and evaluates the success of the program from a participant and company business objective perspective. We believe that there will be a growing need for the small-to-mid size market (1 5000 lives), to be run with a similar model of oversight and coordination as the Fortune 500 firms.
    5. Truth – Most small-to-mid size market plans are run by generalist with limited qualified Plan experience, while the larger market is dominated by pension consultants.
RSG is a qualified plan/pension consultant who is focused on providing outsourced 401(k) and pension department capabilities to the small-to-mid size markets. We can oversee all functions within the Plan as a full plan consultant, or fill in the necessary gaps created by your current service model. Our Service Agreements are tailored to your needs and always offer full fee disclosure and specific coverage of roles and responsibilities.